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Pest Control Dudes is a professional company applying the latest techniques and quick approaches to control bed bug easily. Our Bed bug Control Melbourne team can provide you with same-day bed bug inspection and control services. We have a trained team of bed bug exterminators who have ample experience in the bed bug control industry. We listen to our clients closely and provide them with the best bed bug control. So, if you have bed bug, let us eradicate them swiftly on the same day of the appointment. Let’s get in touch today at 03 4709 6081

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How To Spot A Bedbug Infestation? 

If you notice any of the following signs, there is surely a bedbug infestation at your place. 

  • If you smell a sickly yet sweet odour around your mattress, couch or sofas.
  • Observing a recent allergic irritation on skin or welts because of bed bug bite. 
  • Furthermore, you may detect some little eggshells or eggs. 
  • In case you find a living bed bug 
  • You may notice some dark black spots on mattresses due to their excreta. 
  • Observing blood marks on mattresses or bedsheets

Moreover, you may look for bed bug in mattress seams, surrounding cabinets, wardrobes, cupboards and drawers, etc. If you are now confirmed about the bed bug infestation, let our bed bug inspection service help you. We provide complete inspection and safe extermination services for bed bug in Melbourne. 

Exclusive Bed bug Control Melbourne Services That We Offer

All of our bed bug treatment services address different types of bed bug issues in Melbourne. No matter what extent of bed bug infestation you may have, our services can rescue you from all. Have a look at our special services below:

✔ Pre-purchase Bed Bug inspection service

Bed bug are found mostly in silent places. Moreover, they may eat up your property items like- window borders, doors and furniture. Hence, you must appoint us for a quality pre-purchase anti bed bug service. We are the finest in Melbourne and give treatments at a speedy rate. 

✔ Emergency Bed Bug control services 

In case bed bug are biting you and you are facing itchiness on the skin, seek help. Our emergency bedbug control services are available 24 by 7. We have skilled bed bug control staff who tackle all the pest problems reliably. Also, you may choose us for short notice services. 

✔ Bed Bug inspection and removal

Searching for ‘Bed bug control near me? Let us help. As bed bug are furious and spread quickly on any property, their regular inspection and removal are a must. Furthermore, our company provides quality bed bug inspection service. Additionally, if we detect any bed bug, we will surely give you a quick extermination service. 

✔ Domestic Bed bug control

We have all the necessary measures and skills to cure your bed bug problem effectively. Hire us for a same-day home bed bug control. Furthermore, our domestic bedbug treatment is inexpensive and gives accurate results. 

✔ Same Day Bed bug Control Service 

Our company is excelling at giving same-day bed bug elimination treatments to Melbourne clients. We cause no delay in service. Once your appointment is confirmed, we ensure that you get the finest bed bug control done on the same day! 

✔ Restaurant Bed bug control

Facing anxiety due to bed bug problem at your restaurant? Let our elite restaurant Bed bug control service assist you. You can rely on us for taking care of your restaurant. Give us a chance and we will provide you with a bed bug free cafe in no time. 

On Time Bed bug Control Melbourne Services

Our bed bug exterminators are working with extensive inspection and control procedures in Melbourne. On booking us, we assure our clients receive a timely removal of unnecessary bed bug at the lowest possible price. 

Additionally, our bed bug control Melbourne team is trained in operating fast removal operations by following the best industry standards. With decades of experience and practice in Melbourne, we know the shortest route to reach your location. So, all you get is a proper on time bed bug control at a reasonable price. We also provide 24/7 expert affordable Ant Control Services in Melbourne.

Why Consider Us For Bed bug Control Melbourne? 

Everyone at Pest Control Dudes is deeply concerned about providing a healthy and neat environment for our clients with effective Bed bug Control. Do check out our service highlights below:

  • Trained Staff: We are trained, licensed and certified bed bug controllers in Melbourne. Also, we have been practicing bed bug treatments for many years now.
  • Updated Equipment and Procedures: We keep up to date with bed bug control technology. You may book us for the finest bed bug extermination.
  • Safe Pest Control Solutions: Our exterminators are learned and give nature-friendly and safe services for fighting bed bug. 
  • Upfront & All-inclusive Prices: We offer reasonable and fair prices for all of our bed bug offerings. You can trust us with upfront and transparent service charges.  
  • 24 Hours service: Our company is open for bookings round the clock in Melbourne. As well as we are open for the same day and emergencies. 

By now you may have learned much about our special offerings. So, choose us for a premium quality bed bug control experience today! 


How risky can bed bug be? 

Bed Bug are small insects that survive on animal or human blood. Therefore, they can be harmful to your dogs, cats and family. Moreover, bedbug bites not only disturb your night sleep but also provide long term discomfort. 

What do I do if I detect a bedbug in my Melbourne home? 

In case you just found a bedbug in your home, take quick action and book us for a professional elimination service. Our pest removal services are open 24 by 7 for bookings in Melbourne. 

How can you assist me with reliable bed bug control? 

After analysing the severity of bed bug at your place, we perform a complete elimination service. Moreover, our Bed bug treatment service is given by following eco-friendly techniques.