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Are Moths Troubling You? Let Our Melbourne Moth Exterminators Handle

Moths are really harmful not only to your belongings but they can also indirectly harm your health too. So, controlling them on time is really essential. And in case you have moth infestation then you can contact Pest Control Dudes for the finest Moth treatment service. Our teams for Moth control Melbourne consist of several Moth exterminators that can offer you the most exceptional services in Melbourne. Moreover, our services are not only affordable but also extremely safe. So, give us a call at 03 4709 6081 for any type of moth related query. 

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Importance of Moth Control

Several points can explain the importance of moth control. Some of them are as follows:

  • The larvae of moths will feed on only fabrics that are made of silk and wool. 
  • The moth’s shedding will leave dark and untreatable spots on your books and clothes. 
  • They can contaminate your food by just sitting on them and make the food inedible. The moth also shed colours from their body when they sit on food. Moreover, if someone consumes this food then they can get seriously ill. 
  • The moths can also trigger frequent asthma attacks. 

Different Moth Control Melbourne Services We offer

The Moths can invade and infect property in different manners. Moreover, the types of property, level of infestation, can affect the moth control service. And if a company offers just one type of Moth Control then it can not meet all the types of demands for moth control. So we offer various types of services in Melbourne. Here are those services:

✔ Moth inspection and removal

Finding a moth infestation is already a really tough job and if you want to find their nest then you will need a lot of time and effort. So, instead what you can do is hire our company for Moth inspection service and their removal too. We will search for not only moths but also once we find them we will completely eradicate them too. So, contact us now. 

✔ Domestic Moth Control

Moths in the home can plunder your belongings. So, keeping them out of your house is very important. In case they have already invaded your property then book our Home Moth Control. Our company will provide you with the safest and most effective moth control services. So, give our Moth control Melbourne team a call for the Best Moth Control.

✔ Restaurant Moth Control

No matter what pest it is they all find restaurant heaven. However, the restaurant’s biggest nightmare is always pests. And if it is moth then you shall not even think a bit and call our company asap. The moth can ruin not only your expensive food pantry and linen but also your image. And none of us wants that, so give our company a call for reliable moth control services. 

✔ Pre purchase Moth inspection

Before investing in a property you shall always get a pre-purchase moth inspection service. This will allow you to get all the details not only about the moth infestation in your place. Moreover, our team offers the best services with the most detailed report too. 

✔ Emergency Moth Control services 

The need for moth control can arise at any moment. One can not just sit and wait for the appointment date and time for the pest controllers to arrive and save the day. That is why our company offers emergency moth control services to fulfil the need of emergencies. Once you hire our company for the emergency services we will arrive at your property in less than an hour no matter what. So contact us now. 

✔ Same day Moth Control

If you want to get moth control services today and do not have any pre-appointment then do not worry. Our company offers services called same day moth control, and we will deliver moth control services in less than a day or within 24 hours.

We Can Offer You Affordable Moth Control Services 

The key essence of pest control services is not just to be affordable. But a company should never arrive late. And we can proudly say that not once in our years of working we have arrived late. We are extremely punctual and very serious about our time. Moreover, in case you are looking for Moth Control near me then we shall be your first choice as we are affordable, punctual and the best too. We also provide affordable Control Services in Melbourne. We also Provide the Same day Possum Removal services in Melbourne.

Why Pest Control Dudes?

  • We offer all the services at very reasonable rates
  • We provide free quotes
  • Our team is providing moth control all day long
  • We use safe and eco-friendly cleaning solutions


What are some good moth repellents? 

Items like tea bags, Wiffle balls or just a bowl filled with moth repelling herbs like lavender, mint, cloves, lemon, etc.

Do you offer a quick Moth Control Service in Melbourne?

Yes, if by quick moth control service you mean emergency service in which we will provide you services immediately. Then we do offer a rapid moth control service in Melbourne. 

Can washing kill moths?

Washing your clothes can only kill moth larvae but not adult moths.