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Pests can attack any place whether it is school, house, university, hospital, or any other place; they make life truly miserable for the people living or working there. Pest Control Dudes is the most professional company in Hawthorn East and knows how to perform the best pest control treatment. Our experts offer thorough pest inspection from one of our highly certified staff and provide personalized pest prevention treatment for all types of pests. We provide pest prevention treatment for residential premises. Pest Control Hawthorn East crew cares about the client’s health which is why the procedure for pest prevention is non-toxic, which causes no harm to the people working or living there. We will back you up for every pest prevention treatment, to get our expert assistance call us now on 03 4709 6081.

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Common Pests Problem Faced In Hawthorn East

Pest Control Dudes offers professional pest control treatment with the assistance of certified workers. Following are some pests problems that are commonly seen in Hawthorn East.

  1. Cockroaches- Cockroaches can breed in any condition but they prefer warmer places. They are the carrier of a lot of diseases as they live in dirt and filth can easily spread germs. Pest Control Dudes provides a complete treatment that will finish off all the cockroaches completely from your premises.
  2. Bed bugs- Bed bugs don’t let people sleep peacefully and their bites give prominent rashes onto the skin. To give you peaceful sleep, our team will treat the mattresses removing all the bugs from the bed.
  3. Flies- Flies create a lot of nuisance. They sit on the filth and then fly and carry germs with them. They also carry other pests from one to another.
  4. Ant- Ants come out in large numbers and are very difficult to control. Their nests exist almost everywhere in and around the house and their bites cause irritation as well.
  5. Termite- They eat up all the furniture, wooden work and leave it residue making it shallow from inside.

Call our experts now or book our services and make your premises free of all kinds of pests.

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Hawthorn East is an affluent inner eastern residential suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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Pest Control Hawthorn East
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